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What Can You Expect The Cost To Be For An English Bulldog Puppy?

English bulldogs are awesome, and yes, they are expensive. Many people think that they are only expensive because of how popular and cute they are. That is part of the equation, but there are other things that are part of the equation, too. For starters, did you know that the English bulldogs have to deliver babies by C-Section?

Facts About English Bull Dogs

Additionally, English Bulldogs have small litters. Since there are plenty of English Bulldogs out there, they aren’t exactly rare. However, those facts mentioned mean that they are a little more expensive than other breeds, for the most part. You will have to pay $1500 for a purebred English Bulldog at the very least. The most you should have to pay is $3000.

Now that is a considerable difference. Put a different way, some English Bulldogs cost twice as much as others. Another fact about English bulldogs that make the puppies more expensive is that that are typically conceived via artificial insemination. Not only do you need to know how much these bulldogs cost, but you need to find a good breeder.

Different Types Of Bull Dogs

You also need to understand that there are different types of English bulldogs when it comes to the personality of the dogs. Some are dominant and rebellious. Then there are those bulldogs that are docile and obedient. There are some that are affectionate and rather needy. You will find some that are self assured and independent. And yet, some are completely unpredictable and anxious.

If you buy an English bulldog from a breeder, you shouldn’t have the puppy until it is 7 weeks old. Now, the price is still a little up in the air, being anywhere from $1500 to $3000. I will tell you that I have seen them regularly going for about $2000, which is what I would tell you to expect. Find bulldogs for sale and get to know more about their nature.

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