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What To Do When Losing Your Wallet

What Do You Do When You Need A Replacement Social Security Card?

Some people have suggested to me in the past to laminate a social security card, but I haven’t ever seen one laminated, have you? Unfortunately, they are made of paper, and they can easily be damaged. Let that make you think right now that when you get your new social security card, you are going to put it away so that it can’t get ruined. Of course sometimes you have to take it out and use it, and social security cards can also be lost. https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/

Losing Your SSC

If you lose your social security card or it gets damaged, you are going to have to replace it for sure. What do you have to do to get a replacement social security card? You have to drive to the Social Security Office where they will make you jump through hoops, that are on fire. Okay, so it might not be that bad, but you do have to prove your identity. Do you have your license or an ID?

Getting Drivers License

Perhaps you also lost your license and need to get the social security card to get your license. Well, that can certainly make things a little difficult, but you will be fine because there are all kinds of other ways that it can work out for you. You will need to know what other forms of identification can pass, and then of course you are going to have to prove your age. The best way to do this is by showing them your birth certificate.

After you provide all proof of identification and age, it is easy from there. Hopefully you don’t run into a situation where you have to go back home and start digging up documents to prove who you are. If you do, don’t worry, as it has happened to plenty of other people, too.

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