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Tips On How To Apply For The IRS EIN Number

Tips On How To Apply For The IRS EIN Number


An EIN number is an employer identification number. Basically, it is known as a federal tax identification number and is used to identify a business entity. You can apply for your EIN online here. Business owners will need employee EIN numbers, so they can file taxes. The employee has no such responsibility to obtain his or her own EIN number. It will be completely up to the business owner to obtain these numbers. There are several different ways that a business owner can go about obtaining an EIN number. Below you will learn more information about IRS EIN number and how to apply for it.




It is important to note the fees that are charged by the Internal Revenue Service, before you start filling out the application. You will have two different delivery options to select from including the standard and rush. If you select the standard delivery, you will need to pay $247, before your application will be processed. The rush delivery option will cost you $50 extra, which is to ensure the client that their application will be process with 60 minutes, during business hours.


Business Hours


You should note the IRS’s hours of operation, because applications are not process outside of these hours. The IRS is open Monday thru Friday from 9am.-5pm, so if you apply on the weekend, you should expect a 1-2 day delay in the processing procedure. Of course, you can still complete the application outside of the operation hours, by visiting the IRS website.




If you are familiar with the Internet, you are most likely familiar with online hackers. These criminals are continuously trying to hack into government, business, and personal websites. If you are concerned about inputting your sensitive data into the IRS application, you should not, because the website is protected with high security algorithms.


Application Process


There are several steps that you must take, when applying for your EIN number. The IRS website interface is extremely user friendly, so you should have no problems navigating through the entire site. You will find the application that applies to your business without difficulty. Never rush through the application process, because you do not want to risk leaving any questions unanswered. If you leave one question unanswered, you may find that your application is rejected by the IRS agent, which means you will need to complete and resubmit the form.




There are several requirements that the IRS will request from you, as a business owner or grantor. First, you will need to a primary address within the United States. The second requirement will be a social security number. If you do not have these requirements, then you will need to apply for a social security number via the Social Security Administration website or local office. If you are not a resident of the United States, then there is no need to attempt to apply for an EIN, because your application will be denied.




The IRS website is designed to help individuals like yourself receive an EIN number is a timely manner.


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