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How Long Will It Take To Get A Social Security Card By Mail?

One of the ways that you can apply for a new or replacement social security card is by regular or snail mail. Simply visit the website and download the SS-4 form, complete it and send to your local social security office with the certified copies of the required supporting documents.

Arrival Time

Be aware that it can take a few days for the application form to arrive at the relevant social security office. The application and documents will then need to be processed. This is normally a very quick process that takes place on the same day. However, it is recommended to contact your nearest social security office and find out how long it will take to process the documents.

Be aware that some offices are busier than others and may receive more applications by mail which can increase processing time. In general, the process should take no more than a couple of days.

Once processing is complete, the replacement card will be mailed to you. It could take another few days to arrive at your stated delivery address.

Contact Social Security Office

If your new card does not arrive within a week or two of applying by mail, it is recommended that you contact the social security office that it was sent to. This may be due to problems processing the application should the correct supporting documentation not be included or the form not be completed in full.

The application form or card may also have been lost in the mail. Your social security office will inform you of the reason for the delay or non-receipt and you may need to reapply.

Applying for a replacement social security card by mail is not the fastest or most effective means. Check-out the online process or go in person to your local social security office to speed up the process. For more information visit: https://www.application-filing-service.com – social security card

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