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How Long Does It Take For Your Social Security Card To Arrive?

A social security card is something that you must have but if you are totally new, you might be wondering how to get it and how long it would take before the card arrives. Well, you don’t need to look further because, in this article, we are going to outline to you the steps for getting it.

First off

Let’s give you a timeline. When you submit the application form and supporting documents to the nearest social security office, you will get your card from ten to fourteen business days. By business days, we do mean that Saturdays and Sundays, as well as holidays, do not count.

How do you apply for a Social security card? The first thing you need to do is download the Form SS-5. It is the standard form for new applications and is used for new applications as well as corrections like a change of name. You can download this form online. Once you are done completing the information on it, you should gather the necessary documents. Read about How Long Will It Take To Get A Social Security Card By Mail ?

For natural-born citizens

You only need to present your identification documents. But for naturalized citizens as well as legal immigrants , you need to present proof of immigration on top of identification. Whether or not you are an immigrant, naturalized citizen or a natural-born citizen, it really does not matter.

The Social Security office will not make any distinction and you will only receive your card after at least ten days. The good news is that it won’t take more than fourteen days for you to get it.

In order to make your life easier, you could go online and find websites that allow you to fill the SS-55 automatically so you don’t need to write anything by hand. Click on www.application-filing-service.com/ .

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